Sharpener with precise angle control guides that eliminate conjecture

Chef’s Choice 120 vs 130 This 110/120 V cannot be plugged into a 220/240 V outlet, as it will rapidly catch fire. When I first purchased it, I incinerated it because I was unaware of the 110 V. To utilize this model in 220 V locations, you will need a 220 V to 110 V active power adapter. Unfortunately, this is only 120V; you will need a transformer to use 120V equipment in a 240V country, unless they have a special step-down electric receptacle (typically found in the bathrooms of high-quality hotels for hair dryers and electric razors).They are identical except for one substantial difference. The 120 consists of three stages: 1, 2, and 3. Stage 3 on both models is "stropping," which produces the ultra-fine edge. However, the 130 has only two sharpening procedures (stages 1 and 3), omitting stage two, which is typically used to remove the burrs produced in stage one. Instead of a stage 2, the 130's middle slot is referred to as "steel edge" and is equipped with a brand-new blade. This slot is only utilized if a microfine serration is desired on the blade edge.

Third stage: special stropping and refining for razor-sharp edge. Three-year domestic warranty coverage. The item's RESISTANT soles firmly attach it to your workspace. This professional home sharpener produces the unique tremor-plus edge, which can be adjusted to suit any cutting activity, in a matter of seconds! Because it is so easy to use, anyone can rapidly give their blades astonishingly sharp, long-lasting edges. Both straight-edge and serrated knives are sharpened. You can select edges with varying degrees of "bite" for more difficult tasks, such as slicing tough, fibrous vegetables and meats, or exceptionally pointed, hair-splitting edges for delicate delicacies such as smoked salmon and prosciutto. Stage 1 and Stage 2 The first and second bevels of a sturdy, arch-shaped edge are formed by conical discs coated with 100% fine diamonds. Use stage two for a micro-serrated finish, and stage three for a refined finish. Precision angle guides eradicate guesswork and ensure proper sharpening along the entire length of the blade. This apparatus is compatible with both serrated and straight-edge blades.

Professional honing, steeling, and stropping services are available for all 20-degree class knife types. Rubber soles provide a secure connection between the device and the work surface. Sharpen both straight-edged and serrated blades on culinary, household, sporting, and pocket knives. To ensure that you are receiving this product directly from Chef's Choice, the manufacturer, when you make a purchase, please verify that "Ships from and sold by" appears directly below the price of the item. Stages 1 and 2 produce the first and second bevels of a robust, arch-shaped edge. Using a novel, flexible stropping disc, Stage 3 produces an exceptionally sharp and polished third bevel. Using the world's hardest natural material, our distinctive diamond abrasives sharpen edges more swiftly and easily. Sharpener with precise angle control guides that eliminate conjecture and repeatedly ensure razor-sharp precision.