The strong structure and design of this boiler

Delonghi EC155 vs Stilosa If you have coffee drinkers who don't like espresso, this is a simple solution. Just make them a cup of Americano. After a double shot of espresso is made, hot water should be poured into a regular coffee cup. VOILA! A cafe americano is just another name for a cup of coffee. My daughter started making them with my espresso machine, and now that's the only kind of coffee she wants. Once the pressure gauge shows the right number of bars (green light), the coffee maker should be run without coffee to clean it and with hot water to flush out any residue. Then, after drying the area where the water goes in, put the coffee basket and arm back in place. Make sure to use espresso grounds when packing the coffee, fill it all the way to the top, and then press it down with the tamper so that the grounds form a flat disc. That should make the top of the coffee more rich and creamy. I think my 51mm tamper, which is very elegant and has a handle made of wood, fits perfectly. Can a 52mm tamper fit there as well? One millimeter isn't much, and I don't have a 52mm tamper to test with, so maybe or maybe not. But a 51mm will be enough for you. You can't wait in cups: The Advanced Cappuccino System keeps the ideal temperature steady so that you can quickly make cup after cup. Handy Water Tank: It's easy to take the water tank apart, fill it up, and put it back together again. The water level is also easy to see, so you don't have to guess.

A sleek design that saves space: The EC155 looks nice, is small, and has a small footprint, so it fits well on a kitchen counter without taking up too much room. Note: 1) If your coffee doesn't have enough pressure to taste good, you may have used too coarse of a grind, not enough coffee, or not tamped the grounds enough before brewing. 2) It's important to remember that the size and amount of the grind affect how much espresso can be made, and that the machine may need to be reprogrammed if either of those things changes. A stainless steel boiler: The strong structure and design of this boiler are meant to make it last longer and work well for many years.

It has a modern, compact design and would look great on a modern kitchen counter because it doesn't take up much space and is easy to clean. Hand-Operated Milk Frother: Milk is easy to change the texture of so that you can make a real cappuccino, latte, or flat white. Things were added As extras, you get a portafilter, a measuring scoop or tamper, and both a single pod filter and a double pod filter. Comes with two filters and a port. A filter: A well-designed portafilter has two filters: one for a single shot of espresso and one for a double shot. HOW YOU WANT YOUR FOAM: With a manual frother, steam and milk are mixed to make a thick, creamy froth that gives drinks the right texture. ADD WHATEVER YOU WANT TO EACH CUP: Professional pressure of 15 bars makes sure that the output is always of high quality, and the controls can be changed to fit your needs. one or two cups of coffee? The three-in-one filter holder that comes with the machine has a place for a single espresso shot, a place for two shots, and a place for an easy-serve espresso pod, so you can use it however you like. How to Use Foam With a manual frother, steam and milk are mixed to make a thick, creamy froth that gives drinks the right texture. EASY TO CLEAN: The pieces can be cleaned easily because the water tank and drip tray can be taken apart.