Tobacco Brush Handle with Three Functions

Oral B Pro 3000 vs 1000 Clinically proven enhanced 3D cleaning oscillates and pulses to break up and remove up to 300% more plaque at the gum line than a typical manual toothbrush.

When compared to a conventional manual toothbrush, the Oral-B PRO 1000 provides a clinically verified cleaner feel.

The professionally designed Cross Action brush head covers each tooth with bristles that are slanted at 16 degrees and uses a 3D cleaning action that oscillates, spins, and pulses to remove up to 100% more plaque than a normal manual toothbrush.

Compatible with Oral-B brush heads, it has functions such as CrossAction, FlossAction, Precision Clean, 3D White, Sensitive Gum Care, Deep Sweep, and Dual Clean.

It acceptI rarely use the app, but I adore my toothbrush. However, I've learned that the highest setting is in the first mode. The third is the most sensitive, while the second functions as a bridge. These handles come with five or six distinct Braun head options. A "perfect clean" is the smallest and roundest thing. The others include the 3d white, cross action, floss action dual clean, and clean sweep, all of which have an oval shape.

You can at least buy a second brush top so that two people don't share the same toothbrush, but you don't have to use any of its amazing functions for it to be just a toothbrush.

This toothbrush has been in my possession for 26 months. The charge now lasts 5 days until the light blinks, indicating that it needs to be recharged. I've been using the brush twice a day for the past two months, for the full 2 minutes each time.

s iO brush heads, but only the Daily Clean mode spins to break up and sweep away plaque. If you brush too hard, the pressure sensor stops the pulsating movement, and the in-handle timer helps you brush for the two minutes recommended by dentists. soft bristle type

Tobacco Brush Handle with Three Functions (1) Significantly Increased Daily Clean Pressure When you brush too hard, a sensor glows to alert you. (2) Massage mode for gums (3) The delicate style of a routine. The Oral-B 3000 3D White SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush lightens teeth immediately by removing surface stains. You may track your normal oral hygiene practice and link your electric toothbrush to the Oral-B App using Oral-Bluetooth B technology. whitening by removing surface stains from the very first day whitening by removing surface stains from the very first day An in-handle brushing timer flashes every 30 seconds to tell when it's time to switch to another section of your mouth. When it's time to change the brush heads, this toothbrush will automatically place an order for fresh ones, ensuring that you never run out. The battery lasts 10 days between charges. Compatible with the following Oral-B brush heads: Deep Sweep, CrossAction, FlossAction, 3D White, Sensitive Gum Care, and Dual Clean.